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This site is driven by DokuWiki. It appears as a readonly web site for you (but as an editable wiki for me). I expect the site to mostly contain written text and figures so I do not ned any fancy web-authoring tool, and I like the idea of having a simple way of editing the contents whereever I am. A wiki seemed like a rigid solution.

I've tried some other wiki software but found DokuWiki to be both feature-rich enough for my needs, and simple to set up and use. E.g.

  • you do not need a database,
  • there is enough security implemented to make the wiki readonly for anonymous readers
  • enough support for displaying source code in a reasonable way

The namespace feature is nice, and you can control access to individual namespaces. I.e. you can work on new content without anonymous readers being able to access it. When you're done you can open it up for the public. Nota bene: Get your namespace hierarchy right from the start or you will have some trouble later re-organizing it.

Some day I might do a writeup on how I proceeded to get this thing up.. (It's really not complicated - as I said, Dokuwiki is really easy to set up.)

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